Yoga2shape yoga pose, Warrior 2, or Virabadhrasana 2With continued practise, hatha yoga can yield some wonderful benefits, including increased muscle tone and strength. Posture improves as core muscles that support the spine are strengthened.

Flexibility throughout the body is promoted and better balance and co-ordination develops.

Hatha yoga helps to massage internal organs and balances all the systems in the body. Developing a mind-body connection and focusing on moving in time with the breath helps to calm the mind and promote a sense of mental clarity in your everyday life.

I am trained in the Ishta yoga style which is a relatively modern style of yoga, blending several hatha styles, and slight modifications are introduced in light of modern science’s understanding of the body. I’m also influenced by Dynamic Yoga and Scaravelli Yoga.

This means that the classes are creative and full of variety, always beginning with breathing practises to centre the mind, warm-ups to target all areas of the body, leading to creative sequences of standing poses, forward bends, back bends, twists and balances culminating in guided relaxation.