A group practise Pilates at Officreche, Brighton.

Pilates concentrates on building core strength by working to keep a stable, neutral posture while making smooth movements.

Regular Pilates practise helps you to be aware of your posture throughout daily life. You will become aware of how to sit and stand correctly to allow your body to feel less tension, and you will look great too!

Pilates tones the pelvic floor and postural muscles. The postural muscles support the spine and surrounding musculature. If these muscles are strong, it prevents over-use in surrounding muscle groups and reduces problems such as back pain and sciatica. Because you are working in time with the breath and focusing your mind on controlling your muscles (and discovering muscles you never knew you had!) you will find a sense of mental calm, sleep better, breathe better and your mind-body connection will be enhanced, helping to improve your co-ordination.

Pilates is available as private tuition, and I will create classes that suit your specific needs, targeting your problem areas.