Mum & Baby Yoga

Fully interactive yoga between mum and baby, these classes are a flowing mix of brain developing movements for babies and healing yoga for mums, allowing you to bond and have fun with your little one.

For mums, stretches, postures and exercises tone the entire body, with special attention paid to the core and the pelvic floor. Yoga helps you find relief from shoulder, neck and back pain, improving suppleness and flexibility in a safe way for your body which has achieved the miraculous feat of growing and birthing a baby. Find a special space to re-balance your body, and connect with your breath, yourself and your baby.  

Mum and baby postnatal yoga locks heath whiteley

Babies have fun as we include playful songs and yoga for them, aiding their digestion, relieving constipation, gas and colic, promoting brain development, and building motor skills and body awareness. The classes are a fabulous way for mother and baby to bond, as your baby joins you in your yoga practice.

Come along as soon as you feel ready to exercise again after birth. If you have had a Caesarean birth then please make sure your scar is fully healed. I recommended you until your doctor has checked it and given you the ok to drive. Classes are suitable until babies are actively crawling.

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