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Yoga and Pilates in Locks Heath, Park gate, Fareham, Hampshire


opentwistI’m Kat Frost and I founded Yoga2shape in 2008 after completing the ISHTA System Yoga Teachers’ Training. The ethos of ISHTA yoga is ‘yoga for the individual’ and so my focus is very much on creating classes that meet the needs ofmy students and are therefore enjoyable and highly beneficial.

pregsit2Following my initial training I studied Teaching Yoga to Children, Pregnancy Yoga, Postnatal and Family Yoga allowing me to teach the whole family and offer specialist classes to help support women in pregnancy, birth and beyond. Teaching yoga throughout my pregnancy was a magnificent experience, and allows me to draw upon personal experience to further nurture women on their pregnancy yoga journey.

I also trained in Pilates, a discipline that compliments yoga and allowed me to develop my popular Yogalates classes.

Untitled-1I pride myself on being an attentive teacher, guiding my students with clear verbal instructions, physical demonstrations and personalised adjustments
where needed.

I enjoy keeping classes small and friendly so that I can ensure each class member is practising safely and effectively.

My teaching style is especially suited to private classes as I can create a personalised tailored yoga and/or Pilates programme to completely meet your unique needs.

Yoga2shape Yogalates, Pilates and Yoga classes are a wonderful way to tone up, build core strength, improve posture and learn to effectively breathe and relax. When practised regularly, such classes help to keep all the bodily systems in balance, so you fee
l energised with a sense of mental clarity.

Please get in touch with any questions, it would be lovely to hear from you, and I hope to see you in a Yoga2shape class soon!

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Kat Frost